Thursday, February 19, 2009

I've been trying to load thsi to my main page but with no luck . So here it is anyway. In case you cannot recognise the image it is of "the piles/groynes at St Clair Beach". They are not pylons or the remains of a wharf or pier as they are sometimes referred to but put there by the Ocean Beach Domain Board in an effort to protect the beach from erosion in the early 1900's.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Assessment task 2

Hi, I'm Barbara Newton from the beautiful suburb of St Clair, Dunedin where I have lived for the past 30+ years. I like people; the outdoors, especially walking the beach or bush, vast interior tussock covered Central Otago hinterland; I love working with merino wool; doing photgraphy- sports, water etc; local history ; reading when time allows; most sports- though as a couch potato; occassional partake in mountain biking- I'm a bit of a granny tho; sampling fine wines; the company of my family and friends.
My initial interest in masssage came from; being on the receiving end for the past 20+ years and realising the benefits fo such; a desire to assist others and in making their life more bearable; a desire to learn anatomy and more about the wonderful workings of the human body. Originally I wanted to help people in the wool harvesting industry as they traditionally have no knowledge of their bodies and its workigns. I have learnt that this is not possible when I'm working! A research project is looking an option in the fuutre.